Welcome to our wonderful Blog, me being bestest fashion and glammrrrr photographer in der world and Wabsy being top top modul, these are our exploits through the lens and keyboard. Hope you all like :)

The Adventure Begins

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Art Prude

Thought we would try some of the art noooodddeeeyyy stuff peeps go on about....
top top modul thought I said art prude !!!!! Then I remembered it had to be Black n White to be Art Nooooddddeyy

'Bog' Standard Glammmrrrrrr

Well, fancied doing a bit more of the Glammmrr stuff so sneaked up on the Mrs sat on the 'bog'had to do a runner though as she caught me, maybe the rigflash gave me away !!!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Dave Hill style

Sum bloke in Amerika does fancy stuff for top peeps in potatoshop so I had a go on the Wabsy, he makes em cartoon like...

Sum more top top glammmrrr for you

next one...................sum bloke called Dave Hill style


First I had to do me set buildin, took ages wanted to impress top top modul...

Planned to do a bit of glammrrr so got top modul in her bestest undies...

Ringflash - Front Style

Well, after some fasfun, we thought it was time to try some front mag style ringflash madness... Me top modul worked really hard but we had to keep tags on the knicks as we might take them back...lol

We started out because we had seen all this dead good fashun photography that were a bit blurred so we thought we would try it.

we posted some of it on a Uk Model forum and people liked it so..... the Adventures were born.